I find story boarding to be one of my favorite areas of planning. I am a list maker and I love to be organized. I thought it would be fun to share some of my rough sketches and basic storyboards for a few of the projects I have worked on. Please excuse the curved nature and rough lighting as these are all inside of my sketchbook. I hope you enjoy the peek into my planning process!” -Jetty

Storyboards/Sketches/Rough Drawing/Planning

Role: Early planning and sketching for various projects

T.A.R.C. Thesis Storyboards/Sketches/Rough Drawing/Planning

Role: Early planning and sketching for T.A.R.C. Thesis

Labyrinth Video Storyboards

Role:  Final Storyboards for Labyrinth video

Lagomorph Studios Production ID Video Storyboard

Role:  Final Storyboards for Lagomorph Studios production ID video

Lagomorph Studios Production ID
Lagomorph Studios Production ID