T.A.R.C Videos

T.A.R.C., the Adventures of Robochan, is an action-adventure game completed through exploration and a series of mini tasks pertaining to little known people, places, and events throughout history as well as a few fun fictitious characters. Through the eyes of the two main protagonists, Robochan and Roboko, the user will be able to explore and interact within various worlds and mini games. The Capstone project will present an overview of the game assets, characters, and environments for the game.

These are the cut scene videos from the game

Opening Scene

Love Hotel Environment

Dollhouse Mini Game Environment

Dollhouse Mini Game Win

Tree Bedroom  Environment

Robochan Transition

Tesla Racing Mini Game Win

Space Bedroom Environment

Roboko Transition

Teahouse/Garden Environment

Robochan Roboko Reunion


To see splash screens, title screens, and other stills check out the still page.

To see the abstract for the capstone check out the abstract page