T.A.R.C. Stills

T.A.R.C., the Adventures of Robochan, is an action-adventure game completed through exploration and a series of mini tasks pertaining to little known people, places, and events throughout history as well as a few fun fictitious characters. Through the eyes of the two main protagonists, Robochan and Roboko, the user will be able to explore and interact within various worlds and mini games. The Capstone project will present an overview of the game assets, characters, and environments for the game.

These are the Still associated with the game:

Unity Environment Screen Captures

space room unity shots
tree room Unity 360 View

Extras Designed Pieces

DVD Label
T.A.R.C. Hardcopy Extras




T.A.R.C. Manual Cover
T.A.R.C. Manual Cover

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