T.A.R.C Abstract



T.A.R.C., the Adventures of Robochan, is an action-adventure game completed through exploration and a series of mini tasks pertaining to little known people, places, and events throughout history as well as a few fun fictitious characters. Through the eyes of the two main protagonists, Robochan and Roboko, the user will be able to explore and interact within various worlds and mini games. The Capstone project will present an overview of the game assets, characters, and environments for the game.

One of the most vital pieces of T.A.R.C. are the mini games, two mini games have been developed for this capstone: Kitsune’s Dollhouse and Tesla Racing. Each mini game consists of a splash screen, level design, music, and prop modeling. Kitsune’s dollhouse is an eight room dollhouse with level design that matches a real dollhouse set up. It has both furniture and props the user can interact with as well as flat wall details. The music has a happy, poppy feel that is looped to play throughout the mini game. It is a scavenger hunt game where nine items need to be found in order to meet Kitsune. Kitsune is based on a series of dolls called Monster High depicting children of famous monsters or myths. She is the daughter of Kitsune, a nine tailed fox that is an associate of the rice God Inari in Japanese folklore. Tesla racing is a remote control car racing game consisting of two players- the main character Roboko and her opponent Ed Ison- with 4 laps, obstacles, and power ups. The real Tesla was one of the greatest scientific minds of his generation and his work created the first remote controlled products. The music has a tense, urgent feel to push focus on the user to win the race. This mini game can be lost, at which time the user would need to replay until a win is achieved. More characters and levels will be added in the future covering science, art, history, music, math, and all areas of education. Future mini games will help foster a desire to complete extra research into the new characters. One area that has the ground work created is a theremin game where the user will learn about the instrument, the inventor and the history of an instrument that everyone has heard but not many know the full history behind. After completing mini games, the user will have a basic knowledge of a variety of areas that can be expanded depending on the user’s interests and needs.
Currently there are four characters in T.A.R.C. with only two playable characters- Robochan and Roboko. These two characters appear in both 2D and 3D forms. The 3D forms are traditional hierarchy modeling with a parent child set up of shoulder, upper arm, elbow, lower arm, hand and hip, upper leg, knee, lower leg, foot. Once in Unity they will be FBX models that will have walk, run, jump, interact and idle states. Once a character reaches a trigger point, either the completion of a level or interacting with certain item in the scene, a cut scene movie will play and the next level, game, or environment will directly follow. Non playable characters will also be in 2D and 3D form- Kitsune and Tesla are both in 2D form with 3D game environments. Future non-playable characters will be in 2D and 3D forms with both 2D and 3D corresponding environments and currently include Leon Theremin, Jareth (one of a handful of non historical characters), Amy Johnson, Alan Turing, and many others. The biggest issue with the mini games is finding a cohesive blend for the mini game that is both fun and related to the character. Trigger items for mini games will be other toys such as an airplane, a mini theremin, a wooden maze and a toy computer, which will fit with the overall theme and two main robot characters.

T.A.R.C. will have take place in two main locations- a love hotel in Tokyo and a Japanese house that combines creative environments with traditional Japanese design. The love hotel is two rooms and the house is five environments: a tree bedroom, a space bedroom, a hallway, a garden and a tea house (with more rooms being developed in the future.) Through these environments, Robochan and Roboko will meet new friends and go on tiny adventures through the mini games learning about new historical people, places, and events. The two main characters meet for a short time, share a brief dance and before they can get to know each other they are separated and must find their way back to each other. The overall purpose is to allow a more gender neutral game play with both main characters playing heroes and learning important lessons while having fun. Environments are modeled in the 3d software Cinema 4D and 2D environments in Adobe Illustrator.

At its conclusion, there are four characters, six environments, seven movies, and six musical compositions. As well as the design work for two full mini games and loopable animated movement sequences for all main characters.  The Capstone completed all of these components and aspects which will be combined with more mini games, environments and characters in the future to form a full game. Users will be able to control and make decisions as both Robochan and Roboko; they will ultimately decide how to complete the story. Through their actions they will reunite the two characters.

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