Game Art

“Games are my life. Whenever I have a chance to work in games, I thrive. These are a few of the art pieces I have done for game projects” -Jetty

T.A.R.C. Mini Game ‘Let’s Fix  Robochan’

Role: 2D Artist/illustrator, Musician, Programmer
Concept: In this mini game Robochan is trying to get all the pieces to fix the original Robochan so he can help him find the source of the music. The player is tasked with finding five items. The full game will consist of three levels and a ‘boss’ puzzle game. Only the first level is complete. Below you can see the still from the game and also a video of a play through the first level.

For more information about T.A.R.C. please check out the T.A.R.C abstract, video page, and stills page

Video of Game Play

Collaborations with Other Artists/ Writers/ Programmers

The Death Contract

Role: Artist- 2D, digital artist, and video
Premise: Action RPG where a young girl names Shiloh must set out on an adventure to stop an evil lord. With a variety of character options, a 5 member party is a hard decision. The most difficult aspect, all death is final in the game. The character choices dictate what kind of experience the player will have.

Short Promo Video for the Game


Role: Artist- 2D, digital artist
Premise: “You are put in the role of a junior game designer at a game studio. The studio is working on a TCG-like game called Harmony. The senior designer has already completed the mechanics, decks, and card designs; your job is to modify the costs of the cards to make the game balanced. You can take a number of actions here at the studio level: you can play the game (against yourself or an AI) to get a feel for the mechanics and test out any changes you’ve made; you can hire playtesters (AI vs. AI) to play a bunch of games and give you feedback about how the decks compare to each other; you can make a round of changes to card costs; you can upgrade visual elements of the game, like giving the cards art and flavor text to make them look nicer, which also have the effect of increasing income from milestone submissions; and you can submit the current milestone of the game to your publisher, who will then assess how you did and pay the studio. Most of these things (except playing by yourself) cost the studio money; submitting milestones hopefully makes more money than what you spend during development.”

Hack-a-thon Goucher College Gopher Challenge

Role: Artist- 2D digital artist
Premise: Jetty and two of her fellow digital arts students (plus a faculty mentor) created Gopher Burrow- a game where the mascot for Goucher tunnels through the earth eating food while avoiding trash and obstacles.  Jetty’s duties included development of splash and title screens as well as other design areas. Since the hack-a-thon was only 8 hours, the game was not completely finished but a video of the end result can be viewed below. Here are Jetty’s contributions to the project:

Gopher Burrow Play through (rough due to time constraints)

Other Collaborative Artist Work

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